Nominations for 2021

Thank you Michelle for the information below and keeping us informed all year.
I wanted to add a few more details that might help someone decide to get involved and add to the future of our club. One of the statements that I hear people say is that they don’t get involved because they may not be able to make it to meetings. Since Facebook IM’s, texting and emails are so easy to use and available no matter where you are, we only had one meeting this year and it was to set up the calendar of events. Everything else was done by emails and IM’s. This is how previous boards have handled decisions and conversations for years. You also have access to the prior years commodore for any suggestions or advice.

Also, receipts can be emailed to the Treasurer. The payment can be mailed to you.

Racing plans, updates and scores are sent per IM, also racers can take turns setting up the race course. Racers can take turns bringing hotdogs, etc. for after the race.

The Rear Commodore can request that the volunteer that cooks the entre also set up the pavilion with utensils etc. Just keep the supply cabinet stocked for the events.

The Training Commodore can ask for speakers and help with different subjects.

The Secretary will send all information from his or her computer from home.

Of course, the Commodore will work with everyone to coordinate the groups and the year to run smooth, but again, electronic communication is a great thing. You can also hold a quick meeting at the Oar House since most of you will be a the lake anyway. There’s a lot of flexibility in what you do. Use your imagination, change or update the club in the best ways that you think the majority of it’s members would want to see it, but have fun and just do your best. __________________________________________________________

We received a total of 10 nomination slips at the October social so we are extending the deadline. Please reply via email with your SSC Board Member  nominations for 2021 by Friday. 11/13. You can nominate any active club member including yourself. As a perk, the annual club dues are waived for board members for all the time and work dedicated to supporting our sailing club. 
SSC Board Member Roles:

Commodore:  The Commodore is responsible for the welfare of the club; he/she will preside at all meetings. He/she shall be chairman of the board of directors. He/she shall appoint such other committees as are required.

Vice Commodore of Training:  Vice Commodore of Training shall be responsible for the organization of training sessions. He/she shall assume the office of Commodore in the event of a vacancy.

Vice Commodore of Racing:  The Vice Commodore of Racing shall be responsible for the general coordination and planning of the club racing schedule and races, sailing instructions, boat organization, and equipment. He/she shall order the trophies. He/she shall appoint a race committee.

Rear Commodore:  Rear Commodore is responsible for social events, which include cooking food after races, monthly socials and possibly a few extra events. He/she is also responsible for replenishment the supplies used at any of events.

Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep permanent records of all club meetings and activities. He/she will also conduct all club correspondence.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all dues and any other monies due to the club. He/she will disperse any authorized club funds. He/she is also responsible for an itemized statement of receipts and expenditures covering the fiscal year.

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