April Social: Reunion 2020

We all know that sailing the Sea of Oologah is always quite the experience, not only the sailing itself, but the camaraderie that we have gained over the years. We thought it would be fun to get together with our long lost friends to riminess and tell the tall tales. Also, dig to the bottom of your dresser drawers and pull out your oldest sailing T-shirt. Either wear or bring that t-shirt and let’s see who the real “Old Salt” is. You may just earn yourself a prize.

If you are interested in joining us, and we really hope you are, please RSVP by commenting below to let us know how many plan to attend or by adding your RSVP to our Facebook event.

As always, we will supply the entree’, which is why we need your RSVP by April 17th, but if you would bring a side dish to share, that would be awesome. Also, bring your beverages.

Earlier that day, the Marina is holding a Swap Meet starting at 2:00. Come up, plan to spend the day.

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