You know the saying… whenever there are two sailboats, it’s a race! Our race series includes seasonal dates with a variety of boats and skill levels involved. Of course, there are trophies and lots of post-race food. Racing is an opportunity to hone skills and learn to be a better sailor.

We host a Spring and Fall Racing Series, each with 5 events and one alternate date. Our races are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays.

For detailed information, please review our SSC Sailboat Racing and Committee Boat Guidelines.

2021 Race Dates

April 3rd
April 17th
June 5th
June 12th (alternate)
September 4th CANCELLED
September 18th
October 2nd
October 16th
November 6th
November 12th (alternate)


We have made a number of significant changes to the way we will do sailboat racing at Spindrift Sailing Club for the Fall Series. We are rebooting the racing program with an emphasis on getting new racers out on the water. Since racing can be intimidating for first time racers, we will focus on educating folks on how to race. Rules, yes, but so much more. We intend to cover topics such as how to maximize your start, how to improve boat speed, how to develop a strategy that will lead to your fastest overall completion of the course, how to deal with boat-on-boat situations with safety and applying the rules.

The first step in this new program is a Racing Seminar and Fall Series Kickoff prior to the Club Social on Saturday, August 28. Anyone that is even thinking about the possibility of participating in the racing series in any way should plan to attend (and stay for the social afterwards). The seminar will start at 5:00pm and is open to all club members and any other interested sailors. We’ll cover things like changes to the racing format (example: no more skippers meetings on Dock 6), changes to club rules, and begin the process of helping all sailors improve their racing performance. We’ll also demystify how races are scored and talk about ongoing racing instruction plans.

We certainly hope to see you there! And out on the water for the fall races. For more information email Ron Hosie, Racing Commodore at

Racing Results – Sat, 9/18:

Race results in the 1st race were: Matirah 100%, Sariah 77%, Spud 68%, Kindred Spirit 63%

Race results in the 2nd race were: Matirah 100%, Sariah 85%, Spud 71%, Kindred Spirit 62%

At the Spindrift Sailing Club, it’s not about being a world-class sailor. It’s all about being a fun-class sailor among classy people. Racing at Spindrift Sailing Club is open to all sailboats with proof of insurance and signed waiver required. Our next race day is Saturday, Oct. 2. Contact for racing instructions and any other info you need. Interested in crewing? Contact the same email by a few days before the race day and we’ll try to get you on a boat. Most of the boats could use some crew.